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Page 7 , "Golden Rules?"

Kitcar and Replica

Kit tips and advice

"Golden Rules"

or "The Stone Tablets?"

1. Compare the kits.

This is an insult to your intelligence.

2. Question the kit company.

No, INVADE THE PRIVACY of the kit company is what is recommended. If you become a customer like this, expect the company to be less responsive.

3. Tour the facility.

The biggest fraudulent company in kitcar history had the most impressive of facilities. If you used this criterion in the streetrod industry, you would never make a purchase or get work done. Some of the best streetrodders in the business work from un-impressive old buildings!

4. Inspect the kit.

This should be the Number ONE criteria, IF you know what to look for! If you don't, bring someone who does.

5. Authenticity.

If you want authenticity, insist upon it. This rule doesn't make sense.

6. Get a signed contract.

This is an insult to your intelligence.

7. Don't spend your money.

Don't buy a kit if you are so paranoid! Go to a "reputable" car dealer and see what you get!

8. Get references.

Fine. "Friends and family" anyone? Unless the company has permission from it's customers, they should not give out their names!

9. Buy more than you really wanted.

This is an insult to your intelligence.

10. Ask how much later.

This is an insult to your intelligence.


These rules haven't done a thing to stop fraud, poor service, or lousy quality.


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