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Kitcar and Replica

Kit tips and advice

$Why not save $Thousands$ on your purchase?

Stay at home and order your kit.

Then save the crating and trucking fees and pick up the kit yourself.

Why spend $1,000-2,000 dollars travelling all over the country looking at factories?

What do you know about production anyway?

If the company has been in business for a few years and you've seen the kits and talked to some owners, send them the smallest order deposit they will accept.


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1. Be sure to give your home or work phone number to the kit company to place ON THE SHIPPING LABEL so the trucking company can call you to make arrangements to deliver the crate. Area code too in case it gets lost at a distribution center.

2. When the trucking company calls you, ask them how they will accept payment, so there is no misunderstanding on that hopeful day. They usually send you a bill. Be sure to tell them you are at a residence if that is the case. This lets them know you do not have a loading dock and a fork lift.

3. You can pick the kit up at the trucking company if you have a big flatbed trailer. It's fun getting the crate off the dock and onto your trailer.

4. OR, try to arrange to pick the kit up yourself at the factory. This will assure you of getting all that you ordered/paid for. You can take the opportunity to ask more questions to help you get started in the right direction when you start the build.

5. Do not order any special color or some other oddity. This will only serve as a major objection should you decide you've changed your mind and want to return the kit for refund.

6. Be sure you get all the papers you need, bill of sale (receipt), MSO-Manufacturer's Statement of Origin, and the serial number plate.



Any kind of an unassembled car that is sold as a package (body and frame) from the same manufacturer. It can be totally original. It can look like some production model, yet not have to be an exact copy. It can be an improved upon version of some production car from any era. Or it can be reminiscent of an original, leaving out some parts that the original may have had. The term kitcar has lost some of it's meaning over the years. Kitcars used to be exotic originals, now they are replicas in most enthusiast's minds.


A copy of an original car, especially one that is priceless or very rare. Made to be the same in as many ways as possible. As long as the fiberglass body is exactly the same and the rest is original style, for the most part it still can be called a replica. A reproduction would be a car that is indistinguishable from the original. Replicas, as the term is used, are not exactly like the original.


Any pre 1949 car or truck that has been upgraded with a more powerful engine or a car that has been sourced and assembled from innumerable suppliers.


Any post 1948 car or truck that has been upgraded with a more powerful engine or a car that has been sourced and assembled from innumerable suppliers.

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Kitcar FAQ



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