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Kitcar and Replica

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Kitcars; Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Kitcar?

It is a real life size automobile that is delivered to the customer in an incompleted or unassembled form.

2. What does the customer do with the car in this incompleted form?

The customers must assemble the car to drivable condition while meeting their respective state's DOT regulations.

3. What is the basic requirement for this?

Every state is a little different but this is basically part of the procedures. Save all your receipts right from the start. Present your receipts for the engine, transmission and differential and have any and all other receipts with you just in case the state DOT wants to see them. They want to be sure the parts are not comprised of a stolen and stripped vehicle. You will probably have to get the car weighed in it's completed form. Truck scales are usually located at large truck facilties or trucker accomodation centers. Be sure to get a piece of paper from the scale operator stating the weight of your car. Drive onto the scale and get out of the car. You don't want it weighing 200+ lbs. more than it should. You must have a bill of sale for the kit, serial number plate on the frame, and a manufacturer's statement of origin (piece of paper). Some states require inspection and smog testing.

4. Does the car come with a title or license plates?

No. This is a part of the kitcar assembly process where the buyer/assembler is acting as a car manufacturer. You are responsible as the manufacturer to assemble the car to meet some basic safety requirements. The kitcar body and frame manufacturer is considered to be a subcontractor to you, the manufacturer of the automobile.

5. Are kitcars safe to drive?

No one can vouch for the safety of any automobile, the assembler/owner is responsible for his/her own safety requirements. But generally speaking they are of no greater risk than a comparable car of the same type.

6. Is a kitcar a decent car?

Yes. Today's kitcar is a very fine car compared to the ones offered some 20 years ago. Most have a solid body and rigid frame.

7. What about driver comfort and options?

This depends on the type of kit you buy. Some are open top sports cars after the British sportscar tradition, "wind in the face", with all the excitement that goes with it. Other types can be air conditioned, with cruise control, power windows and many more comforts.

8. Is there a risk involved in buying from shady companies?

There are so few companies that act in an unsavory manner that it isn't so much of a concern, and is probably a lesser risk than the purchase of a car from a so-called reputable car dealer.

9. What if the kitcar company goes out of business?

As long as you have all of the proprietary (custom made) parts that are necessary to finish the car, it isn't a concern. All of the mechanical parts are from regular production cars and are available nationwide. Some people are able to complete cars that have been out of production for over 10 years or more.

10. Can a novice finish a kitcar easily?

Yes. You may have to have some help and the manufacturers of today are willing to help to a great degree. Automotive shop manuals are a necessary aid to assembling the mechanical parts as those parts are from regular production cars. And there are a lot of enthusiasts who have built your kitcar that will be more than glad to give you all the help you need. You are not alone. But remember, you are building a car, if it was so easy, any dummy could do it.

11. How long does it take to finish a kitcar?

Anywhere from 6 months to 5 years depending on how much time you spend on it.

12. Do I need to paint the car?

Most kitcars do require an automotive paint finish, some can be ordered with a molded-in color for a small sum.

13.What about upholstery?

Some kits have the complete upholstery available for purchase. Or, you can have a custom upholstery shop do the job for a reasonable figure as the upholstery in most kitcars is simpler than a regular production car.

14. What about resale value?

Kitcars can maintain a resale value longer than a regular production car because it is a unique automobile that can remain desireable for years to come. A finished, licensed and titled kitcar is worth more than it would be in it's unfinished form. IOW, if you do not finish the kit you will likely lose money on the deal.

15. Can the kitcar be driven on a daily basis?

Yes, of course. Almost every kitcar can be made weatherproof along with heat, defrost and A/C. Options are available from the kit manufacturer.

16. What about maintenance?

Any auto repair shop will be able to service your kitcar just like any other car.

17. Why should I buy a kitcar?

You will own a car that is unique in the motoring world. It will always be an attention getter and topic of conversation wherever you drive. If you want to get noticed, there is no better way than with a unique custom automobile!


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